The Specialty Manufacturer to the Firearms Industry

What Heckman Specialties Can Do For You...

*Heckman Specialties will help you control 
manufacturing costs.
Of the many challenges facing the firearms industry today, controlling production costs rank high on every list. 

At Heckman Specialties, we offer the industry a solid, proven solution to the cost control question. With our unique combination of manufacturing experience, production flexibility, and fast turnaround time, we can help you meet your production challenges.

*Quality at a Low Cost.
We deliver the quality you want at the competitive cost you need. 
Quality Assurance
We take pride in producing only the best. In order to produce the best, we have an extensive quality assurance program in place with inspections at each step of the process.
We manufacture barrels, parts and sub-assemblies to your specifications on a short- or long-run production basis. We produce your parts to meet your production schedule and cost targets.
But don't take our word for it- our clients can tell you best about our work:

"We are very satisfied with the shotgun barrels Heckman Specialties has manufactured for us. They combine the best of two worlds: high quality at a competitive price."
-Larry & Gary Alfermann
Alfermann USA

Prototype Services
Think of Heckman Specialties as yoru mini-manufacturing facility to assist in your new product development and/or make modifications to your current production firearms.

Or, we'll work with your design team on production of new model prototype firearms- under complete confidentiality, of course.

We have the equipment and the technical expertise to help you work your engineering changes through the manufacturing process to your finished product.

Our Customers Include...
Alfermann USA
Briley Manufacturing
Classic Arms Corp.
Cole Firearms
Colt Competition
Cooper Arms
Federal Cartridge Corp.
SACO Defense
British Game Guns
Chaddicks, Ltd.
David Yale, Gunmaker
Hill Rod & Gun Company
Ogburn Gun Repair, Inc.
Pete Mazur Restoration
Steven Dodd Hughes
A brief history of Heckman Specialties...
In 1988, Bill Heckman - president and owner- founded the company with the goal of providing the highest quality manufacturing services to the firearms industry.

Over the years, the company has grown and expanded to meet our customers' challenging needs.


It's easy to work with Heckman Specialties.
From our headquarters in Livingston, Montana (on the beautiful Yellowstone River), we work with customers around the world.

Just call, e-mail, or fac us and tell us about your needs. We'll work with you to meet your requirements and provide you with a no-obligation quote.